Project Avatar moving ahead

As I rambled about in a previous post, I am tryimg to get my filthy hands on The Avatar Trilogy. Since it is out of print, it is not an easy task, or perhaps I should say that I didn’t expect it to be easy, but so far it has been pretty straight forward.

I have gotten confirmation that all three books are on their way. Two of them are shipped from Germany and one from the US, so it will probably be a while before I see any of them. With a little luck, the arrival will coincide with me finishing the Icewind Dale Trilogy.

Shadowdale just arrived. Happy days.

Tantrass just arrived and it seems like Waterdeep is stuck in customs

Waterdeep arrived from the US. Ir is in really bad condition, but at least now I have the whole Avatar Trilogy. Victory!

    Getting my Goodreads on

    So, I have been trying to wing myself of the brain junk known as social media, and I have done so, by starting to use a new one. Goodreads. Now, Goodreads is nothing like Facebook or Twitter, but more of a way to track your reading and share with your friends. Luckily, I have only one friend on Goodreads, so for me, it is more about seeing how much I actually read in a year as well as discovering books, I would not normally read.

    Since fantasy seems be a genre I struggle with at the moment, I find it pretty nifty to get inspiration from Goodreads. And added benefit of my redisovery of reading, is my sleeping pattern. I used to fry my brain with my phone before bedtime, resulting in me not being able to sleep properly. That is a different story now. After a chapter or two, I am ready to get my beauty sleep, and I rarely wake in the middle of the night anymore.

    An other added benefit, is me being able to write words and sentences again. For some odd reason I have struggled with that for a few years. Sure, I write emails and chats at my boring job, but I sitting down, and structuring a text as been far from my grasp. Now, however, it seems that I didn’t lose the abillty to do so, I was just unable to, since my brain was fried like a chicken.

    So here’s to reading, writing and Goodreads.

    Yes, I am the aware of the irony that I link to my Mastodon page. At least it’s not owned by a meaglomaniac.

    It’s official

    I am a little concerned that we will get more War of the Lance stuff. Moving Dragonlance forward would have been really great in my opinion.

    That being said, I am just happy we get new books – eventhough I sound like grognard 😉

    Idea: Lost Legends

    I just finished reading The Lost Chronicles, and as usual I thoroughly enjoyed the series. True to form, I know wish Wizards still published Dragonlance books, and what if the published The Lost Legends? It would be a great way to begin a new era of novels by leveraging the old strengths of the series.

    Who wouldn’t want more of this good stuff?

    What would that series be about? Well, here’s my take

    1. What did Raistlin do during those two years between Chronicles and Legends?
    2. What did Raistlin do while he was in Istar, before and after he defeated Fistandantilus.
    3. What happend during Raistlin’s battle with Takhisis in the Abyss? This one is a less obvious than the others, but it could make for a seriously wild ride.

    In all honesty, this idea might actually not be the best thing to do if one was to publish more novels. After the 5th age split the fan base, the last couple of books published, started to move the setting forward, and that might be the best way to create something sustainable,.

    A tiny light in the dark?

    I stumbled upon this post by Tracy Hickman from February. Now, as any good fanboy I went down the rabbit hole and started imagining what new Dragonlance project had been green lit by the Dragon Highlords in Seattle. It is of course wishful thinking, as there have been no signs whatsoever of a resurrected Dragonlance since the line was discontinued back 2007.

    However, if we allow ourselves to dream a little, one might have a preference as to what will be released. A lot of people on Facebook talk about a live action movie or TV show like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. It would make a lot of sense given the success of these franchises and the profits that can be found in those media.

    Personally, I would prefer books and game material as that would move the setting forward instead of rehashing stories we have all read and re-read a hundred times. Not to mention the risk of releasing something that will alienate the original fan base due to questionable creative choices, much like what happened with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Besides, I think it is time to move the story forward, especially considering where we left the world of Krynn. It seems to me that they had fixed the issues that the 5th Age created and had a pretty good baseline for new stories independent of the characters and story lines we are familiar with.

    I am not holding my breath here, but I do return to that Facebook post from time to time.

    Reading The Messenger

    TheMessengerI have been reading The Messenger this weekend. Well, I have read two chapters that is. Between three children and a new kitchen project that was about what I had the time for. That, however, is not necessarily a bad thing. This way the series will last longer.

    There’s not much to say about it yet though. It is set in Icewall, which I think it really great and makes for an interesting setting. And then it’s written by Chries Pierson who is one of my favorite Dragonlance authors. So, if you are still feel that Dragonlance itch and have not read this trilogy yet, so far, I can recommend it. Oh yeah, it is still on Amazon.

    New trilogy on the way

    For some reason I have developed this unhealthy obsession with collecting (and reading) some of the Dragonlancde books I never got around to reading when they were released back in the day. My summer project “The Elven Exiles” ended happily after a little extra work, so now it is time for a new one.

    The Icewall trilogy is my next obsession. I am a huge Douglas Niles fan, so it makes sense to get this one. Besides, I always had a soft spot for Icewall, and I would like to see that area of Ansalon fleshed out a bit more.

    Compaed to Elven Exiles, this trilogy was a bit easier to get a hold of. It only took a few searched on Amazon to find all three books from a seller who would ship to Scandinavia. So, now I just have to sit back and wait. The books should begin to arrive sometime next week, but I think that is a little optimistic. As it is, I don’t mind that much, since I expect to read this trilogy during late fall when the weather gets all icky.

    Elven Exiles done

    Two weeks ago I finished the final novel in the Elven Exiles trilogy and let me tell you that was some of that good stuff.

    I never fully understood why the elves always were the victims considering their vast power and knowledge. However, especially the War of Souls totally kills everything we had come to associate with the elves. There, I think it’s really nice to see them find their new homeland and rebuild their nation in a meaningful way. Again, I can only cry about the fact that Dragonlance novels are a thing of the past as I think there are tons of good story hooks here. At least we have Star Wars Smile