Reading Warhammer 40k

Since Dragonlance novels died a few years back I have been looking for something new to read. I read Eisenhorn some time ago, and I have now started the Horus heresy.
So far it’s pretty good, but doesn’t seem to keep as focused as Dragonlance. Let’s see how it develops.

Currently reading

EisenhornWell, I have finally gotten my filthy hands on a variety of Dragonlance rulebooks for the 3.5 D&D system, and I have also read them faster than you can say Black robed wizard. So what does an RPG geek do?

I have stated looking into Warhammer 40K. My sister’s boyfriend works for Games Workshop, so he got me a couple of novels, so I have started reading the Eisenhorn trilogy. The Warhammer universe is pretty new to me, and I have never played the game either, which is pretty nice, since I am discovering everything for the first time.

As far as I can tell, the timeline is not quite as developed as the Dragonlance world, but it has a lot of really cool aspects, such as Space Marines, Daemonhosts etc.

For the time being, I am sticking to the books I have burrowed, but I just might have found myself a new addiction.