Here we go again

So, it has been a very long time since I blogged, and to be honest, it has been on purpose. See, a couple of months ago I had my DM over for a visit, and when I say “over” I mean he was back from the US for a couple of days.

Well we hung out like old times and I quickly came to realize that everything we had together in terms of role playing games was gone. We have both gone our separate ways and we no longer share the same common frame of reference.

And that’s when I dawned on me, I think I am finally done with RPGs. I mean, I have no one to play with, and even if I did I wonder if I would actually do it. Perhaps I have lived in the past for many years now, hoping for the return of something that is irrevocably dead.

Without getting too whiney or sentimental, I am putting this blog on hiatus. I will not delete the contents, but the domain name is going to die in about six months, since I am not going to renew it. The Gigaboot name was a joke with my old friend based on a campaign in Glantri, but since that is all in the past and can never be restored I will let it slip away.

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