Let the past die

Kylo Ren says these words in The Last Jedi. Having just watched The Rise of Skywalker, these words are more true than ever.

The funny thing is that this movie reminds of how Dragonlance was dismantled. However, this is not a Dragonlance post.

A lot of people my age have a lot feelings about Star Wars, a lot of us got to see some of the originals in the theater and the impact was monumental. However, with the changes brought by the sequel trilogy, I think it’s time to realize that Star Wars is no longer for my generation. It is for a new generation. A generation that has a whole new set of characters to identify with. We can always debate who well written the new characters are, but the fact of the matter is, that there are new crew on the Falcon, and this crew is not for us.

There are about 23 seconds of cool scenes in The Rise of Skywalker that makes people my age feel like the old Star Wars is back, but the rest is for the next generations. I might still buy the upcoming Thrawn books, but as far as movies go, I don’t think I will be watching them, unless they are very different.

For me, there’s only one more thing to say:


Star Wars Theory Podcast

One of my favorite YouTube channels, Star Wars Theory, has started a podcast. So far the episodes aren’t that long, but I think that is OK. The episodes mirror the YouTube channel in content, but I prefer listening on Spotify as opposed to YouTube, which is one big long commercial break.

I highly recommend both the YouTube channel and the Podcast if you like to geek out on Star Wars lore and theories. Oh yeah, he also made a Vader fan film that you really should check out if you haven’t seen it. It is really well done. Check it out Shards of the Past.

Star Wars Theory @ Spotify

The Rise of Skywalker


I am really not a fan of the new Star Wars, especially The Last Jedi is in my humble opinion pretty bad. However, this picture of Luke Skywalker rocks!

Let’s hope The Rise of Skywalker will fix everything.

Darth says


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Rogue One Trailer