New Dragonlance novels on the horizon

The #Dragonlance lawsuit has been settled, folks. This is definitely good news and probably leads to the name drop of 5E draconians by Joe Manganiello earlier this week! Click the link and read for yourselves. #FreeDragonlance— Dragonlance Nexus (@DLNexus) December 19, 2020 So, it looks like 2021 might have something good in store for us 🙂

Summer reading

In less than two weeks I will be starting my summer vacation. True to form, I have been looking for reading material, and like last year, I found a trilogy I haven’t read before. This time I could not find a Dragonlance series, so I went with Forgotten Realms and the three Drizzt stories Archmage, Maestro and Hero. I haven’t read all the books preceding this series, and I have already identified a whole bunch of gaps in my knowledge. That being said, I am sure this will be a good read. Who doesn’t like Drows and demons?

What to read?

Today is the last day of summer. Normally that would be a reason to be a bit sad, but for some reason I am looking forward to the fall. This summer I have read a lot of books, which has been a good exercise for my smartphone damaged brain. Only thing is, what to read? I was gaming last night, and despite all the Dragonlance books I read recently,I think I am ready for a few more. I am considering the Taladas trilogy, which is one of my favorites. However, there is also the possibility of diving into some Forgotten...