New acquisition project

Over the past couple of years, I have developed a collector’s habit. I try to acquire all the Dragonlance books I never bought back in the day, and so far I have managed to get the Elven Nations, Dwarven Nation, Elven Exiles, Ice Wall trilogy among others.

My next target is the Dhamon saga by Jean Rabe. I have always detested the 5th Age and therefore I have mostly avoided it. However, for some odd reason, I have developed a weird interest 15 years after they stopped publishing the setting. Maybe I am just starved for some Dragonlance books.

I read Dragons of a New Age when it came out, but it was never a book that got me super interested in the 5th Age. However, I a, looking forward to diving a bit more into the Age of mortals and see if maybe I was mistaken when I discarded it.

Amazon is usually my friend during these endeavors, so let’s hope there are some European books stores that have these books.

Update: So, I have been going through Amazon, and so far each book will cost me around £20, which is a bit too much. I am going to my old bookstore tomorrow, so hopefully I can find them there, although I do not have high hopes.

A tiny light in the dark?

I stumbled upon this post by Tracy Hickman from February. Now, as any good fanboy I went down the rabbit hole and started imagining what new Dragonlance project had been green lit by the Dragon Highlords in Seattle. It is of course wishful thinking, as there have been no signs whatsoever of a resurrected Dragonlance since the line was discontinued back 2007.

However, if we allow ourselves to dream a little, one might have a preference as to what will be released. A lot of people on Facebook talk about a live action movie or TV show like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. It would make a lot of sense given the success of these franchises and the profits that can be found in those media.

Personally, I would prefer books and game material as that would move the setting forward instead of rehashing stories we have all read and re-read a hundred times. Not to mention the risk of releasing something that will alienate the original fan base due to questionable creative choices, much like what happened with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Besides, I think it is time to move the story forward, especially considering where we left the world of Krynn. It seems to me that they had fixed the issues that the 5th Age created and had a pretty good baseline for new stories independent of the characters and story lines we are familiar with.

I am not holding my breath here, but I do return to that Facebook post from time to time.

Back at it again?

It has been over a year since I archived the blog vowing to never blog again. To be honest, blogging seemed a little stupid, given the rise of Twitter, Facebook and their ilk, and I didn’t really feel like I had anything worth saying.

Now, I still don’t think I have anything worth saying really, but having had an overload of various media streams, I came to the realization that I had become nothing more than a brain dead consumer of anger inducing posts by people I didn’t really want to engage with. So, the first step was to limit my Facebook usage to an absolute minimum. I have unfollowed a whole bunch of people and removed as much personal information as possible. Step two is to perform the same pogrom on my Twitter feed, and let me tell you, I am doing great. Third, I want to create content instead of consuming it all of the time. Nobody will read this blog, but that is not the point either. I want to reverse the tide, so my poor brain can get back to work in a proper manner instead of chasing the next shot of dopamine from the all too well-know “pull to refresh” movement.

And since I am playing 5th edition with a bunch of like minded individuals I might actually have something to write about in the future.