Before and after – yes I am that guy

I found a bidon from Tour of Denmark when I was out walking. And it turns out I am the guy who will pick it up and bring home and clean it. Not only that, I will actually post a before and after photo on my blog.

I am pretty sure it wasn’t used Mathieu Van der Poel, but it depends on how you tell the story I guess.

Alpecin Deceunick

Started writing

The weirdest thing just happened. I just sat down and started writing the synopsis for a module I have been thinking about off and on for a long time. I doubt there will ever be anybody playing this, or me even finishing it, but I must admit it feels nice to use my brain in this way again.

The constant sensory assault of modern day life seems to be toned down just a little bit when I can focus on writing.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Oh yeah, my paladin is now level 7.

What to read now

It’s a little funny. Through out the years I have been meaning to kill this blog. It serves absolutely no purpose at all, and everytime I try to get into the habit of posting regularly ´, well, it just never happens. Lately I have taken to jo repost tweets and Youtube videos, so one could argue that this is just getting ridiculous. Yeah, it is getting kinda stupid. Especially since I decided to pay for a domain name to host the blog on. Seriously? I must be on crack.

Speaking of crack, I am considering reading the Dragomlance Chronicles again. It has been around 6-8 years since i read them, and I am a little curious to see if they still do it for me. Heck, I might even read Legends as well.

So there you have it. A post that wasn’t a repost of someone elses stuff. Things are looking up.

New old project

Ever since I started this blog in 2009, I have wanted to create  list of all the RPG materials I own. I have considered many different approaches, from wikis to an Access database, but I have decided to keep in simple. I have just created a couple of pages where I will document my stuff. There will be no fancy functionality, just a couple of lists.

I used Krynnwoman’s list of novels, as my books are packed away. So, thanks for sharing your work

Moving from Blogger to WordPress

Ever since I started blogging about RPGs I have been using Google’s Blogger service. I figured I would never really get into blogging, so I figured that a free and fairly easy solution would be to use Blogger. Blogger has served me pretty well throughout the years, but I have never really grown to love the service as such. The design options are pretty bad, and lately I have noticed that I get a lot of spam, so the time has come to ditch Blogger and move over to my self-hosted WordPress domain.

In moving from Blogger I will also ditch the Gigaboot name. Gigaboot started as a joke between my old DM and me twenty years ago, but since we have no contact anymore, and since I don’t participate in any gaming groups these days, I have decided to drop the name in favor of my other domain.

I am not yet done configuring the blog to my liking, but I expect to be up and running in a few days.

The end is nigh

I know it sounds pretty gloomy, but it is not meant that way at all. As you probably gathered from my last post, I am putting this blog hiatus, probably forever, but since I have had so much fun writing this thing, I thought I would go through my old stuff and publish it here. Who knows, maybe someone can actually use it for something.

Anyway, I posted a piece I started some years ago about thieves guilds, which I intended to use in my Daltigoth campaign. The idea was that the guilds were an important part of the conflicts on Anasalon, all vying for control and power among all the players in the conflict.

I imagined that the conflict would be a little bit more intricate than what we have normally seen in Dragonlance. I felt that having a more politically charged campaign would be a perfect lead up to a regional war would the players  better feeling for why things happened and who was the primary movers and shakers. I envisioned a conflict brought on by greed and the search for monetary and political power and so much a conflict driven by Takhisis’s desire to return to the world. Of course there would be godly interests behind many of the powers that participated in the struggle, however, they were not the main focal point of the campaign. An added benefit was that it would allow me to introduce the other gods, and have them act according to their own interests. Alas, it never came to fruition, but that doesn’t mean that nobody can use the idea.

I have uploaded most of the stuff I ever wrote, or rather, I have uploaded must of the stuff that is worth uploading. I have a lot written in Danish, but I doubt I will ever translate it, and I see little point in uploading Danish texts. 

I noticed that Wizards are going to create a new version of D&D, so I will take a look at that when the time is right.

Happy belated New Year

As any reader of this blog, and I know there are next to none, will no doubt have noticed, I have pretty much stopped blogging here. In fact, I have been considering dropping this blog for good, and use the domain for something else. As it is, I can’t really get myself to drop it, so for now it will remain here, and occasionally I will hopefully write a post or two.

As we have entered 2011, I feel that it is time to have make a status of the gaming situation for me, so here we go.

  • New Dragonlance gaming material to look forward to: 0
  • New Dragonlance novels to look forward to: 0
  • Active Role Playing gaming groups: 0
  • Active board game groups: 1
  • Number of home brew pages: 0

All of a sudden it makes a lot of sense why I have nothing to blog about here. Alas.

Long time no see

It has been a while since my last blog post and as always I feel like I should apologize for my lack of activity. However, this time I think I will refrain from that and instead dwell a little at the fact the I have not written anything, even though I promised myself that I would do it.

First of all, I have been invited to join a group who plays the board game Dune. I was actually invited by the director of development at my work, so of course I was a little skeptical. It turned out to be a lot of fun, and tomorrow I get to go pick up the first three Dune books that I ordered from Amazon.

the fact of the matter is, that I am growing a little weary with the whole RPG scene, or rather the lack of a scene. Nothing is really happening in terms of game releases that hold my interest, and the Dragonlance novel line seems to be as dead as disco. Had I been younger and less burdened by my job, I would probably have written a lot of stuff myself, just as I intended to do two months ago. However, now it seems like I can’t really think of much to write, and I rarely experience the creative streak that spawned my interest in Dragonlance and this blog.

Honestly, I don’t know what to do now. Heck, I don’t even know if I will maintain this blog any longer. I suppose I could use the space for something else. on the other hand, I don’t feel quite ready to leave Dragonlance for good, so maybe my passion will be rekindled some day.

Nothing new

So, I decided to go ahead and compile all my old Dragonlance writings into one big file, and guess what – it has happened yet. I guess I could try to come up  with all kinds of dumb reasons why I never got beyond the introduction, but I am going to spare myself the indignity.The project is not really dead as I see it, but for me, it is important that I sit write when I feel the urge to do so. Right now I do not.

It’s not that I have abandoned Dragonlance, I am actually reading the annotated Legends these days, but I am doing so many other things at work and around the house, so whatever creativity I possessed is pretty much gone. Perhaps the lack of a real gaming group has something to do with this. 

Anyway, I have decided to take some time off around Christmas, so hopefully I will be able to post something by then.

Done for now

Well, I finalized my blog redesign for now. I was looking around for a couple of extra social networks to add, but I decided to stick with Twitter, Picasa and Google Friend Connect.

I played around with StumpleUpon, but I could not find any way to syndicate the feed, so I have abandoned the idea for now. I might look in to it at a later point. I am considering a new account to share various links, but I think I might be able to do that using Twitter. Time will tell.

As for some content, I have been working a little bit on a few ideas lately, so with a little luck I might one day start to upload things that are relevant to the D&D game, instead of complaining about how there is no more support for Drangonlance.