Moving from Blogger to WordPress

Ever since I started blogging about RPGs I have been using Google’s Blogger service. I figured I would never really get into blogging, so I figured that a free and fairly easy solution would be to use Blogger. Blogger has served me pretty well throughout the years, but I have never really grown to love the service as such. The design options are pretty bad, and lately I have noticed that I get a lot of spam, so the time has come to ditch Blogger and move over to my self-hosted WordPress domain.

In moving from Blogger I will also ditch the Gigaboot name. Gigaboot started as a joke between my old DM and me twenty years ago, but since we have no contact anymore, and since I don’t participate in any gaming groups these days, I have decided to drop the name in favor of my other domain.

I am not yet done configuring the blog to my liking, but I expect to be up and running in a few days.

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