How to move Dragonlance forward?

I have been thinking about DMing in my own Dragonlance campaign for a while now. I have not sat behind the screen for about 25 years, so who knows if I can really still do it.

I have been contemplating running a Dragonlance campaign, but I have this reoccurring problem – Age of Mortals; yay or nay?

Back in the day I was not a fan of everything after Drangons of Summer Flame, but during the last couple of years, I have changed my tune a bit. Especially the Dark Disciple trilogy was pretty awesome and made for some really interesting ideas. Also, some of the other things, like the forrest around Tarsis is pretty cool to work with. However, I also think that a lot of the unique features, that made Dragonlance what it is, are gone.

The smart DM, would somehow merge the two, taking the best things from both worlds, however, I seem to struggle with the implementation with said project. Could be related to my below average intelligence.

I have kicked around a couple of ideas, and if I ever produce anything worth reading, I will publish it here for no one to read.

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