Getting my Goodreads on

So, I have been trying to wing myself of the brain junk known as social media, and I have done so, by starting to use a new one. Goodreads. Now, Goodreads is nothing like Facebook or Twitter, but more of a way to track your reading and share with your friends. Luckily, I have only one friend on Goodreads, so for me, it is more about seeing how much I actually read in a year as well as discovering books, I would not normally read.

Since fantasy seems be a genre I struggle with at the moment, I find it pretty nifty to get inspiration from Goodreads. And added benefit of my redisovery of reading, is my sleeping pattern. I used to fry my brain with my phone before bedtime, resulting in me not being able to sleep properly. That is a different story now. After a chapter or two, I am ready to get my beauty sleep, and I rarely wake in the middle of the night anymore.

An other added benefit, is me being able to write words and sentences again. For some odd reason I have struggled with that for a few years. Sure, I write emails and chats at my boring job, but I sitting down, and structuring a text as been far from my grasp. Now, however, it seems that I didn’t lose the abillty to do so, I was just unable to, since my brain was fried like a chicken.

So here’s to reading, writing and Goodreads.

Yes, I am the aware of the irony that I link to my Mastodon page. At least it’s not owned by a meaglomaniac.

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