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461b610e65dbbb2a14b4fabc0f245d30One of the really sad things about the death of Dragonlance in my opinion, is the fact that wew ill never see any real meaningful development of the continent of Talads. I have started reading Chris Pierson’s excellent trilogy, and the more I read the more I want to explore this continent.

I was never a bg fan of the Time of the Dragon boxed set, simply because it lacked some of the details I was interested in at the time. Especially NPC stats, organizations, cities etc. were never really fleshed out to the extent that I wanted to see. Now that all my game material is packed away I cannot revisit this set, but I wonder if I would see it differently today.

Adding insult to injury, I believe that Margaret Weis and her good people were working on a Taladas sourcebook when Wizards cancelled the licensing deal. Given the quality of the material Weis et al. released, I can only fantasize about what they could have accomplished with a Taladas sourcebook.

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