Hourglass Mage – a little taste


The Companions are back and the balance of Krynn is at stake, in the magnificent conclusion to the Lost Chronicles.

The world celebrates Spring Dawning. The War of the Lance is nearing its end — for good or ill. The wizard, Raistlin Majere, has become a Black Robe and, using the dragon orb in his possession, he travels to Neraka, the lord city of the Dark Queen. Raistlin ostensibly plans to work for her, though in reality he means to further his own quest for power.

But Raistlin realizes that if Takhisis wins, he will always be her slave. And so he resorts to a dangerous and deadly game. He acts as a double agent, offering his services to both the side of darkness and that of light, working for Emperor Ariakas and for the resistance movement in Neraka.

Takhisis plans to destroy the gods of magic on the Night of the Eye, when all the wizards will be congregated at the Tower of Wayreth. Raistlin has to find a way to thwart the plot, even though this means doing battle with his own sister, the Dragon Highlord Kitiara, and her terrifying ally, the death knight, Lord Soth.

And still he must overcome his final foe: the archmagus Fistandantilus, who seeks to kill Raistlin and steal his soul.

Krynn’s future has been written. People think they know how the story ends. But one night and one fateful decision by Raistlin Majere may change it all.

Source: Wizards of the Coast.

This looks very promising. It seems like a fitting end to the Dragonlance era. Considering the eminent death of the setting, it is pretty cool that we get a book with all the bad guys going at each others throats. Nice.

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