Winter is almost over

And I have decided to stop whining. Well, it’s a little bit more complicated than that actually.

I was reading a thread on the Dragonlance Forum, where people were talking about how they’ve stopped reading. Either they didn’t have the time, or they were unable to stay focused because they had lost the ability to concentrate on reading. This was mostly due to the use of social networks.

So anyway, I have not read for a long time, and I was beginning to fear that I lost the ability to read anything that wasn’t work related. When reading the newspaper on my way to work, I found myself skipping through the articles, which seemed to support my suspicion.

Last weekend the wife and I talked about getting rid of the desk in our living room and instead make a reading corner with bookshelves, chairs etc. So, to check what damage the Internet had done to my brain I went to the shed and got out the first book in the pile: Night of Blood.

Well, a week later I have finished the book, and it turned out I had no problem whatsoever focusing on reading. I even shut off the phone and the PC and just read. That was freedom – complete freedom in my mind.

So, now I will bring in all my books and reread them like there is no tomorrow, because I just realized how much I miss reading and how much I detest constant notifications on my phone.

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