The Free City of Daltigoth

At one point did I start to write an article about the Free City of Daltigoth. The idea was that Daltigoth had been taken over by a mysterious force that had destroyed the ogres and rebuilt the city. As with every other project I have started over the pas 15 years, this one never got beyond the introduction. I had a lot of ideas for this one, and I do regret never following through with it. It would have been a lot of fun to write. Alas, it was not meant to be. As you can tell from the few lines below I never got around to writing a lot, however, there are a few references around the blog.



The free city of Daltigoth was founded after a long and bloody struggle, which claimed the lives of many people. Many of these people were mercenaries who were lured to Southern Ergoth by the promises of wealth and freedom. For the survivors of the struggle only a handful found the wealth they dreamed of, but most of them found freedom.

Shortly after the demise of the dragon empire, a group of people initiated the Daltigoth campaign. The chaos and confusion that reigned immediately after the Dark Queen’s defeat left the ogres in Daltigoth without strong allies. The death of Feal-Thas and Lord Toede meant that there was no strong leader to keep the white dragons under control, and their departure from Daltigoth was the main reason why the invaders decided to strike. Seizing the moment, the invaders launched their armada from Palanthas and reached the bay of Morgash within weeks. Before the arrival of the armada, a group of people had infiltrated Daltigoth and set up several magical traps that were designed to go off prior to the attack. Furthermore, the group had carried out several assassinations of ogre leaders while at the same time finding the fabled mercury lake.

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