The Cabal

Many are the organizations that attempt to control the fate of Krynn. Most of these organizations believe that assuming control over the other nations and their inhabitants is the key to power. In doing so the scales of power are constantly moving between good and evil. In the middle of this conflict, the forces of neutrality attempt to maintain the balance of Krynn.

One of the more noteworthy organizations, which work to ensure stability, is a cabal of wizards known as the Cabal. Gil-Galad uth Vakaar of the Black Robes, Mordread Gemerald of the Red Robes and Norrin Furlong of the White Robes make up the core of this organization. These mages work to promote and enhance the strength of arcane magic in Krynn as well as strengthening their own positions of power. All the mages are highly lawful, which ensures the stability in the group. Despite working together on numerous occasions, the three wizards still work to further their own ends. This is illustrated most prominently by Mordread’s involvement in the siege of Daltigoth. Norrin Furlong is involved in the development of the city of Tarsis with special emphasis on the restoration of the grand library. Gil-Galad is more active in the east, where he is researching the location of the Tower of Losarcum. He is also keeping taps on the Minotaur nation of Mithas.

The cabal does not meet on any set times or location but work more on a case by case basis. Their preferred mode of operations of the three mages is to use agents who often do not know who they are working for. On other occasions the group will provide knowledge or funding to a specific group that work toward the same ends as the wizards. Seldom, the wizards will intervene themselves, but only as a last resort. Evidently an intervention by three such powerful mages will attract a lot of attention, which the wizards will seek to avoid since secrecy is one of their more potent weapons.


The biggest enemy of the cabal is not surprisingly the Knights of the Thorn. The Grey Robes represent an upset to the Conclave of Wizards by impeding on the domain of the gods of magic. The actively work to disrupt the work of the Thorn Knights by hiring assassins to kill every Grey Robe they can. Ultimately, the cabal aims to assault Storm’s Keep but they lack the power to do so for the time being. The cabal plans to use Daltigoth as a build up place so they may be able to mass a full scale war against the Knights of Takhisis. However, given the secret nature of the Knights of Takhisis, spying is one of the most important aspects of the cabal’s work. Therefore, the cabal employs an extensive network of spies across the continent of Ansalon. Most of the spies do not know who they are working for but the pay is good, and questions are not encouraged. Mot, if not all thieves guilds across Ansalon have one or more members, who report directly to one of the members of the cabal.

As for the ogre nation of Kern, most of the spies are actually ogres themselves. They have been charmed or controlled by magical means and provide valuable information about the activities of the Grand Lord. The cabal is not concerned about any ogre uprising for the time being, but since the ogres are a powerful group with connections to the Dark Knights, they are deemed important enough to keep taps on. As for the ogres in Daltigoth the situation is a bit different. Given the upcoming siege, Mordread has dispatched several agents who report back to him.

The most concerning piece of information uncovered by the cabal, is the cult of Ionthas. Lately, many cults have been uncovered and destroyed, but the cabal suspects that there are many more groups operating around the continent. Further evidence points to the continent of Taladas as a place where the influence of the cult is especially strong. So far, the cabal has not pursued this lead, but an expedition is being assembled.

Norrin Ashe Cahill

Norrin Ashe Cahill was born in the frozen lands of Icereach. He was the son of a middleclass family. The family took an active part in the struggle against the evil Thanoi, which instilled a rebellious spirit in the young man. Norrin entered into an apprenticeship with a local wizard of the White Robes and he eventually left Icereach to take the test of high sorcery.

Upon completing his test, Norrin donned the white robes and went to Tarsis to make a living for himself. Here he met the Red Robe Mordread Generald who took him on as an apprentice. He followed his master to Palanthas where he spent years studying the arcane arts. During his years in Palanthas he partook in many adventures in the areas surrounding the lord city of Palanthas.

Norrin was among the first spies who were sent into Daltigoth to gather information about the ogres and their defences. In spite of many dangers, Norrin managed to survive the hazardous quest and he eventually returned to Palanthas. At this time he had become a powerful wizard in his own right and he decided to strike out on his own. He remained a friend and ally to Mordread Gemerald, which is one of the reasons he eventually became a member of the Cabal.

Norrin returned to Tarsis where he wasted no time buying an old manor, which he completely restored. He set about locating the legendary libraries of Tarsis with the intention of restoring them. At the same time, he became involved in politics, which spurred him to become an advisor and ensuring political backing for his ambitious project. He has purchased a piece of property inside the city walls, which he plans to demolish in order to make room for his own tower as well as a grand library. This is an ambitious project mainly because Norrin insists on building the tower out of white marble. Currently, his associates are scouring Krynn for all the marble they can find and they are close to reaching their goal. Norrin plans to use the combined might of the Cabal to construct his tower.

Norrin has no political ambition, but he may find himself in a position where he has to fill some sort of political position in order to ensure political goodwill for his projects. For this reason, he is looking for a partner who can represent him in the City Council, thus lessening his workload.

Whenever possible, Norrin travels to Icereach to visit his family and relatives. He maintains close relationships with all his contacts in the region in order to keep taps on the Dragonarmy. Norrin has been considering an assault on Icewall Castle with the aim of taking over the building but his duties in Tarsis prevent him from pursuing this goal for the time being. However, he will sponsor groups of adventures who intend to raid the castle.

Norrin Cahill is usually an easygoing person who generally takes whatever time he can spare to talk to anybody who seeks him out. Of course, he is normally very busy, which makes him difficult to approach. He is a skilled mage who takes pleasure in his profession and who is proud of the work he does. The tower/library he intends to build will be the culmination of his life’s ambition.

Residence: Tarsis

Gil-galad uth Vakaar

As a member of the Cabal, Gil-galad is taking an active role in the political situation in Krynn. He is primarily interested in the eastern parts of Krynn around Goodlund. He believes this is place to find clues about the ruins of the lost Tower of High Sorcery of Losarcum. He resides in his black marble tower with golden domes, and is rarely seen outside its walls. He cultivates excellent relationships with the other two members of the Cabal, while maintaining a seat on the Conclave of wizards. Gil-galad is considered one of the leading scholars pertaining to the tower of Losarcum.

Gil-galad has been watching the events that transpire in the region of Khur. He is aware of Sagarassi’s involvement and he has personally investigated the ruins of Amun-Ra’s pyramid after it was raided by adventurers. He believes that the raid is connected to the rise of the Hierarchs in Shrentek but has so far been unable to establish a relationship. Gil-galad has sent his apprentice Gadriel out among the tribes of Khur to gather as much information as possible, but so far the pair has come up short. There has been one unexpected benefit from this strategy though; Gil-galad has built an extensive network of spies throughout the entire region.

Residence: Eastern Ansalon.

Mordread Gemerald

Mordread Gemerald is one of the biggest protagonists in Krynn. He is the mastermind behind G&B Trading as well as one of the most ambitious projects in years – the siege of Daltigoth. Like the other members of the Cabal, Mordread’s primary interest is high sorcery. The reason why he is willing to commit to the Daltigoth campaign is his faith in the conclave’s ability to recreate the Tower of Daltigoth.

He resides in a huge manor in Palanthas built from a rare form of red stone, which he acquired from one of the dwarven clans with which he conducts business. The manor is heavily guarded by magical means in order to keep out intruders and competitors alike. The most noticeable competitor is the Pandra House, who, besides being a trading house, is also a family. The feud between the two trading houses has been long and fierce and has resulted in many casualties. The biggest casualty has undoubtedly been the Pandra house’s loss of their archmage Ariana, who was slain by Mordread and his companions near Winston’s Tower. This marked the escalation of the conflict since the two houses started targeting each other’s leaders in stead of going after henchmen and suppliers.

Mordread spends most of his time preparing for the assault on Daltigoth city. This prevents him from leaving his manor for days at a time except for occasions where his presence is required. When he is not busy preparing for the invasion, he travels around Ansalon between the different allies who form the coalition. He uses diplomacy to ensure that the various fractions are satisfied and willing to fight the ogres.

Residence: Palanthas.

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