Revisiting the 5th Age

I’ll admit it; I really did not like the Dragonlance 5th Age. Dragons of Summer Flame left me pretty depressed and the subsequent novels did not make me feel better at all. Some of ths changed with the release of the War of Souls, however, so many things were destroyed or radically changed that I never really felt it.

Fast forward to today. I am trying to reread War of Souls with a more open mind. Right now, I am in the middle of Dragons of a fallen Sun, and Silvanesti is about to go the way of the dinosaur – one of the things I really disliked back in the day. Today though, I find the story much more compelling and much more sensible. Obviously the elven nation is corrupted by its own reflection gazing habits and refusal to join the world. One could argue that Silvanesti has to fall in order to rise again.

Without going into a bigger debate here, I want to emphasize that I am really starting to enjoy the War of Souls trilogy. There’s no doubt that it is a step away from the Chronicles and even the Legends, but despite the whole second cataclysm I think this is not a bad way of moving the world forward. Unfortunately we will never get to know what happens after the Dark Disciple trilogy, but the scene was definitely set for some interesting adventures.

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