Hello World

Well, it looks like I just might start blogging here after all. I never really intended to do anything with this when I created it, but now it looks like I just might start posting.

I think this blog will be the place where I blog about one of my former favorite past times – Dragonlance. I have played D&D for around 26 years, and until about a year ago I play fairly regularly. I have played in different groups, although there has always been an inner circle in terms of membership.

Recently I formatted my computer, and I found a lot of old files, that I started years ago. These files were intended to be more-or-less a rewrite of the Dragonlance setting, making it fit my needs at the time. As these things tend to go though, my group slowly but steadily dissolved, and I was stuck with all this work that I could use for absolutely nothing. I just put these writings in a folder on my hard drive, and pretty much forgot about them. Until now that is.

So, to make a long story even longer, I hope that I will find time and through his blog, as well as the DragonlanceForums, reengage with the Dragonlance community, and hopefully finish writing and editing my take on the Dragonlance setting and publish it here.

Don’t expect a lot of updates, as I do have a “normal” life, with children and a stressful job in the IT industry, but check back once in a while or subscribe to the RSS feed. Heck, you can even feel free to leave a comment if you’d like.

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