Expanding the Dragonlance Pantheon

I was reading a post over at the Dragonlance Forums where one of the users talks about expanding the pantheon and that made be remember a project I started some years ago.

The idea was to collect all the weird references to other gods and entities and try to create a complete list of divine beings. Originally, I intended to create a list for Ansalon and one for Taladas, but as you can see below, I never quite finished it.

Continent of Ansalon

Greater Gods

Gilean Knowledge N M

Ionthas* Nihilism E M

Mishakal Healing, beauty, life, blessing LG F

Paladine Hope, leadership, light, protection LG M

Reorx Weapons, technology N M

Sargonnas Revenge, destruction, fire LE M

Takhisis Night, hate, intrigue CE F

Intermediate Gods

Branchala Music, forest, beauty NG M

Chemosh Nemesis, undead LE M

Chislev Nature, savagery CN F

Habbakuk Animals, sea, creation NG M

Hiddukel Greed, slavery, treason CE M

Kiri-Jolith War, courage, valor LG M

Lunitari Neutral magic N F

Majere Meditation, inspiration, control NG M/F

Morgion Disease, rot, weakness NE M

Nuitari Black magic LE M

Shinare Riches, freedom N F

Sirrion Change, fire N M

Solinari White magic LG M

Zeboim Sea, storms, jealousy CE F

Zivilyn Wisdom N M


Artha Greed, debauchery CE F

Daidlin Sea vegetation CG F

Jiathu’li Chaos, underworld, intrigue CE F

Kailthis Love, creation CG F

Raistlin* Loneliness, magic, excellence NE M

Randoril’thi Luck CG M

Tumarq Trade, crafts LG M

* These gods are singled out because unlike the rest of the pantheon they do not have any actual priests. They should be considered to be supplements to the gods in the core rule books. Below there is a thorough description of each of these gods.

Continent of Taladas

Taladas name Ansalonian name Perception



Qu’uan Kiri-Jolith

Mislaxa Mishakal


Branchala Not worshipped


Zivilyn Aspect of Gilean





Erestem Takhisis

Hith Hiddukel


Zeboim Not worshipped



Solis Solinari Magical force

Lunis Lunitari Magical force

Aengomis Nuitari Magical force

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