Campaign idea: The Third Dragon War

Reading The Legend of Huma has rekindled an old idea of mine: adventures during the Third Dragon War. There’s little actual information about this time, so it is necessary to dig around various materials to find what is needed to accurately describe this time in history. Much like my write up on Fistandatilus, I have looked to the novels, The Legend of Huma to be precise, in order to get a feel for the era.

Because the novel is not meant for gaming there is a need to somehow incorporate game mechanics into the story. In this post, which I will hopefully update over the next couple of days, I will attempt a description of this era and its movers and shakers. The idea is that the background material will be sufficient to create an interesting campaign, where the PCs can run into the luminaries of the time. I am linking to the Dragolance Nexus Lexicon, as it is full of really good descriptions of characters etc.

Galan Dracos

Galan Dracos was the most powerfrul renegade mage during the Third Dragonwar. He served the Queen of Darkness in her attempts to conquor Krynn as her own. The Legend of Huma suggests that Dracos betrayed Takhisis in order to ascend to godhood. apparently the Queen knew of his doublecross and he was forced to use his magic in order to escape her wratch. The master mage ceased to exists and was thereby able to escape Takhisis’ revenge.

Galan Dracos resided in a citadal that built on the border between the Abyss and Krynn. Here he conducted his heinous experiments with his  renegdade followers, while at the same time directing the war. The Legend of Huma indicates that towards the end, Galan Dracos left war efforts to the Warlord Crynus.

Dracos was known to use a bone white staff. this staff has lost when he was defeated and the citadel ruined. The fate befell the green emerald sphere he used to open the gate to the Abyss. However, the sphere was almost repaired years later, when the an elven renegade mage sought out the legacy of Galan Dracos.

Huma Dragonbane

Kazigahthi de-Orilg





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