Terra Nova

Terra-NovaI am on parental leave for three months (yes, with full pay), and as our daughter has come down with a bad cold, there was nothing more to do than to turn to Netflix for the daily dose of entertainment. Luckily, we both like watching series, and so it was an easy choice to start Terra Nova again.

We have actually seen it before some years ago, but we were both in the mood, so with a couple of peanut butter sandwiches and some coffee for me, we have spent the better part of the day spacing out to that show.

I really like this show, and I think the storyline was very promising. Unfortunately Fox did not want to continue the show, and it is now dead. That reminds me of the state of Dragonlance come to think of it. Anyway, we are talking Shakespeare here, but the story is quite compelling and the setting is really cool. I am not sure the villain is quite as good as he could have been, but he has a good story to him.

I can recommend Terra Nova, however, there is the caveat that there is only one season on Netflix and there won’t be any more, so you are left with an empty kind of feeling when you are done.

Oh yeah, how cool is Nathaniel Taylor by the way?

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