New project

So, it turns out that I have some free time on my hands, and therefore I have decided to embark on another project, that might never come to fruition. I have started converting the Seven Secrets of Glantri into D&D 3.5 prestige classes.

Now, I am not a big rules guy as such, for me it has always been about the story and the role playing game. However, I love to gain a new level as much as the next guy, and I have always liked the concept of prestige classes. I think these classes allow the player to develop the character in new directions as the game moves forward, and that is always a plus.

I have been a huge Mystara fan for many years, and the Principalities of Glantri has always been my favorite Gazetteer. Since Bruce Heard started blogging I rediscovered that long lost game world, so I thought I would at least attempt to contribute a little bit. In order to avoid any copyright infringement I am not going to write a whole lot, you will have to find GAZ3 somewhere to do that I’m afraid. Of course, there’s always the author himself who might be persuaded to answer a question or two. I recommend heading over to his blog, it is really excellent.

Yeah yeah, I know, I am a fan boy.

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