Looking for a gaming group around Roskilde

So, I have been a grumpy old man lately. Well, truth be told, I have been too old, too grumpy for too long. I have been complaining about the decline of roleplaying ranging from the lack of material to the lack of novels.

Well, no more. Who needs Wizards’ to support a world in order to play it? Who needs novels to keep the passion going? I don’t it seems.

Therefore, if there are any gamers around Roskilde, Denmark, who are interested in playing D&D shoot me an email. Ultimately I don’t care which rules or which world we use, but I do like Dragonlance and Mystara quite a bit. Greyhawk is also really good, but I have very little material about this world.

I prefer the focus to be on roleplaying and so much about the stats and levels. Call me old and grey, but I just don’t get a huge kick out of mindlessly killing orcs. Well, I do, but it needs to have some roleplaying flavor. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy killing orcs?

As for me, I am 37, married with children and all that. I have no idea who you are, but if you are old and funky like me I am sure we will hit it off. If you are younger, don’t be a stranger, I need your blood to sustain my vitality. Seriously, I don’t care about how old you are, as long as you are ready to roll the dice.

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