Heroes of Might & Magic

Nostalgia is one of the most powerful feelings among the thirty-something, which is why advertising attempts to illicit this particular feeling with this segment.  Now, I am painfully aware of how powerful a feeling nostalgia is, I do have a master’s degree in strategic branding, but I chose to embrace it. At least sometimes, hence this blog.

homm3arm_logo So, I have never been much of a computer gamer, I find it boring, tedious and it usually gives me a particularly bad headache. However, Heroes of Might & Magic, has always been one of the biggest time consumers in my younger days. To be honest, I could play that game for an entire day, eat dinner, and then pay it all night. Sometimes I actually missed classes just so I could play this game.

Retard! you might think. Well, I would tend to agree with you. As it turned out, I did outgrow Heroes of Might & Magic, and I did get my Master’s degree, and I did go to work for an IT company and all that stuff you have to do.

Anyway, it is Easter, and I have a couple of days off, and for once I am not preoccupied with my dumb ass job. It is such a relief, not thinking about that moronic place, that I started cleaning the office. 3935Wifey and I share the office, now that we have two children, so some of my stuff has been packed away behind other stuff.

As I am looking at all the stuff I ought to throw out, my one-year-old son all of a sudden pulls out Heroes of Might & Magic: The Shadow of Death. So between the two of we decide that cleaning is for lesser men, and we pop that bad boy into the cd drive. And what do you know? We were able to run Heroes of Might & Magic on a x64 bit Windows 7 machine.

As you can probably imagine, I have been playing all day, only getting up to do some laundry, vacuum, eat lunch etc. once in a while. I am now close to completing my first quest, and I have a suspicion that I will be playing again tonight.

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