First session completed

Glantri Wizard So we finished the first gamin session in about a year last night. It was not the longest session, which suited me fine. To be honest, it has been years since I pulled an all nighter.

So, we wake up in a wrecked ship with no recollection of how we got there. My wizard had no spell book, and none of the fighters had any armor or weapons. We are stranded on a little island with a light house, and true to our adventuring spirits we start to explore the island. I am not going into all the details here, but suffice to say here is that we found our equipment and and some magical swag. Furthermore, we ran into some sort of cult, which we decided to leave alone. We were outnumbered two to one, so we just let the worship whatever foul demon they wanted.

I accumulated enough XPs to advance to level 2, so now I have to actually fill out a character sheet and pick feats and skills. I am looking forward to it, since it always helps me to get a feel for my character. Unlike last time, I think this one will have to be somewhat of unlikeable guy.

Funny thing though. It turns out I was the only one who didn’t cheat with the dice rolls for the stat block. All the others had several 18s, while I have not a single one. The good thing about the 3.5 rules is that you get to enhance your ability scores as you progress.

All in all a fairly enjoyable evening, which we will repeat in about a month. And now I have two magic missiles pr. day. Good stuff.

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