Clash of the Titans part 2

clashofthetitans_200912151303 So, I guess I am not really going to write a review of Clash of the Titans. There are many reviews out there on the Interwebs, and I am sure I have nothing to say that has not already been said.

I can, however, talk a little bit about what I thought of the movie.

In all honesty, the story is not all that interesting, especially if you have studied Greek mythology, which I was forced to do back in high school. As it is, the story is inspired by the legend of Perseus, who basically is a demigod who kills a whole bunch of monsters.

The reason for watching this movie is the 3D effects and the great action scenes. Another compelling reason for watching this movie is inspiration for the next gaming session. After I left the theater I was ready to go home and create a Greek inspired game with a whole bunch of demigods, monsters and all that good stuff.

So, to make a short blog post a little bit longer, I highly recommend watching this movie, as long as you take it for what it is – an action banger with some cool effects and characters from Legends and Lore.

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