Here’s a thought..

Of all the people over at the Dragonlance Forums, how many actually play in a group, like we all used to. And how many just miss playing in a group, and therefore hang around the forums to remember the good ol’ days?

I guess we will never know. I belong to the latter category, although it looks like my latest gaming group in rising from the ashes to begin again.

Dragonlance on Google alerts = a sad sad thing

Capture So, I decided to create a Google Alert based on Dragonlance around the time I started this blog, which is about two weeks ago. I also created an alert for Greyhawk, but that just resulted in a lot golf stuff, which I am not really in to. Anyway, during the past two weeks I have received on alert about Dragonlance, and that was two postings about downloading e-books and one from about audio books. That is pretty sad. I honestly expected more hits, since I figured we had a pretty active community. I guess I was wrong…or Google alerts just suck.

Hopefully that will change soon. There are so many guys out there doing really cool homebrew stuff I wish they would publish it online. Well, there’s always the Nexus.

Dragonlance on Twitter

DL Twitter I just did a search on Twitter for Dragonlance, and let me tell you, it is not pretty. I suppose there’s no reason for thinking that there would be a lot tweets about Dragonlance but one can hope.

Considering all the social software tools out there, I find it a bit odd that all of the RPG communities I am aware of are still clinging to ye ol’ PHP forum application. I have no problems with forums as such, but maybe a Community Server installation would complement the forum?

Oh and another thing; how about getting Wizards of the Coast to let the community use the nomain for e-mail purposes. It can be hosted for free via Hotmail or Gmail. What fanboy or fangirl wouldn’t love to have an e-mail adress.