Star Wars Novels Canon

Release date in-universe timeline Title
July 2015 19 BBY Dark Disciple
April 2015 14 BBY Lords of the Sith
November 2014 14 BBY Tarkin
October 2015 14 BBY Rise of the Empire
September 2014 11 BBY A New Dawn
March 2015 0 ABY Heir to the Jedi
November 2015 1 ABY Battlefront: Twilight Company
September 2015 4 ABY Aftermath
May 2016 4 ABY Aftermath – Life Debt
March 2016 28 ABY Bloodline

Ever since I started reading Star Wars again, I have been trying to stick to the new canon books. It can be a little difficult to navigate if you have been reading all the EU books, so I managed to steal this list from Wikipedia.

I am not planning to keep this list updated, but I suspect the wiki page will be kept up-to-date.



Tomorow I will be receiving a small batch of Start Wars books from Amazon. It has been a very long time since I last purchased anyt´hing like this, except for that one Start Wars book I bought in Seattle around Christmas of course.

Last week, the wife and I have built a set of book cases in the living room, which allowed me to bring in my entire book collection. All my books and gamin materials have been stoved away in the shed after we had our third child two years ago, so it is really nice to have at least the books back in the house. In fact, it was so inspiring that I went to Amazon to exercise the credit card, but I also started looking at Blades of the Tiger, which is a part of one of the very best Dragonlance trilogies. Now, I will read my new Start Wars books first, but after that I will return to Krynn.