Big problems

So, my little conversion project is moving a long steadily, but I seem to have hit a couple of problems here.

My first issue is; if you gain a level as an Alchemist for instance, do you also get a spell level, just like if you gained a wizard level? I am leaning towards a No, since the character will attain a special ability, which is pretty powerful.

The second issue is; when you reach Circle 3, you have access to two abilities. Now, do you get the both of them, or should I split them, and basically add more levels to the prestige class? I am leaning towards a Yes, since it will expand the class in terms of advancement, however, it violates the tradition of the Seven Secrets of Glantri, in the sense that there are all of a sudden more circles than the original five.

What do you guys think?

Expanding the Dragonlance Pantheon

I was reading a post over at the Dragonlance Forums where one of the users talks about expanding the pantheon and that made be remember a project I started some years ago.

The idea was to collect all the weird references to other gods and entities and try to create a complete list of divine beings. Originally, I intended to create a list for Ansalon and one for Taladas, but as you can see below, I never quite finished it.

Continent of Ansalon

Greater Gods

Gilean Knowledge N M

Ionthas* Nihilism E M

Mishakal Healing, beauty, life, blessing LG F

Paladine Hope, leadership, light, protection LG M

Reorx Weapons, technology N M

Sargonnas Revenge, destruction, fire LE M

Takhisis Night, hate, intrigue CE F

Intermediate Gods

Branchala Music, forest, beauty NG M

Chemosh Nemesis, undead LE M

Chislev Nature, savagery CN F

Habbakuk Animals, sea, creation NG M

Hiddukel Greed, slavery, treason CE M

Kiri-Jolith War, courage, valor LG M

Lunitari Neutral magic N F

Majere Meditation, inspiration, control NG M/F

Morgion Disease, rot, weakness NE M

Nuitari Black magic LE M

Shinare Riches, freedom N F

Sirrion Change, fire N M

Solinari White magic LG M

Zeboim Sea, storms, jealousy CE F

Zivilyn Wisdom N M


Artha Greed, debauchery CE F

Daidlin Sea vegetation CG F

Jiathu’li Chaos, underworld, intrigue CE F

Kailthis Love, creation CG F

Raistlin* Loneliness, magic, excellence NE M

Randoril’thi Luck CG M

Tumarq Trade, crafts LG M

* These gods are singled out because unlike the rest of the pantheon they do not have any actual priests. They should be considered to be supplements to the gods in the core rule books. Below there is a thorough description of each of these gods.

Continent of Taladas

Taladas name Ansalonian name Perception



Qu’uan Kiri-Jolith

Mislaxa Mishakal


Branchala Not worshipped


Zivilyn Aspect of Gilean





Erestem Takhisis

Hith Hiddukel


Zeboim Not worshipped



Solis Solinari Magical force

Lunis Lunitari Magical force

Aengomis Nuitari Magical force

New project

So, it turns out that I have some free time on my hands, and therefore I have decided to embark on another project, that might never come to fruition. I have started converting the Seven Secrets of Glantri into D&D 3.5 prestige classes.

Now, I am not a big rules guy as such, for me it has always been about the story and the role playing game. However, I love to gain a new level as much as the next guy, and I have always liked the concept of prestige classes. I think these classes allow the player to develop the character in new directions as the game moves forward, and that is always a plus.

I have been a huge Mystara fan for many years, and the Principalities of Glantri has always been my favorite Gazetteer. Since Bruce Heard started blogging I rediscovered that long lost game world, so I thought I would at least attempt to contribute a little bit. In order to avoid any copyright infringement I am not going to write a whole lot, you will have to find GAZ3 somewhere to do that I’m afraid. Of course, there’s always the author himself who might be persuaded to answer a question or two. I recommend heading over to his blog, it is really excellent.

Yeah yeah, I know, I am a fan boy.

Currently reading: JRR Tolkien

So, I finally found the time to catch up on my reading, and my first book this summer is The Children of Hurin by J.R.R Tolkien.

The book has been edited by Tolkien’s son, since the author himself never finished it, however, that Tolkien feel is definitely there.

The book takes place during the Morgoth days and follows primarily Turin the son of Hurin and his life from cradle to the grave. I don’t want to give any spoilers, so you will just have to go read it yourself.

The book is quite dark and has some pretty horrendous aspects that rival that of the most know Greek tragedies, however, it is rather nice to be back in Tolkien’s Middleearth once again among orcs, elves and dragons.

The Children of Hurin

Looking for a gaming group around Roskilde

So, I have been a grumpy old man lately. Well, truth be told, I have been too old, too grumpy for too long. I have been complaining about the decline of roleplaying ranging from the lack of material to the lack of novels.

Well, no more. Who needs Wizards’ to support a world in order to play it? Who needs novels to keep the passion going? I don’t it seems.

Therefore, if there are any gamers around Roskilde, Denmark, who are interested in playing D&D shoot me an email. Ultimately I don’t care which rules or which world we use, but I do like Dragonlance and Mystara quite a bit. Greyhawk is also really good, but I have very little material about this world.

I prefer the focus to be on roleplaying and so much about the stats and levels. Call me old and grey, but I just don’t get a huge kick out of mindlessly killing orcs. Well, I do, but it needs to have some roleplaying flavor. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy killing orcs?

As for me, I am 37, married with children and all that. I have no idea who you are, but if you are old and funky like me I am sure we will hit it off. If you are younger, don’t be a stranger, I need your blood to sustain my vitality. Seriously, I don’t care about how old you are, as long as you are ready to roll the dice.