Getting the band back together

The funny thing about this blog, is that I always proclaim the death about D&D and yet it seems like I keep blogging about it. The other day I wrote about how I am no longer part of any groups, and D&D is kind of dead for me and blah blah blah.

So anyway, I am talking to this friend of mine, who used to be in my old group, and he actually suggests that we start playing again. I send a few emails, and before I know it, we have established the old group and are planning a weekend trip to a summerhouse to get some serious gaming done. How about that.

Right now we are trying to decide if we should play Dragonlance or Vampire. I am hoping for D&D Dragonlance although Vampire sounds pretty tasty too.

Happy belated New Year

As any reader of this blog, and I know there are next to none, will no doubt have noticed, I have pretty much stopped blogging here. In fact, I have been considering dropping this blog for good, and use the domain for something else. As it is, I can’t really get myself to drop it, so for now it will remain here, and occasionally I will hopefully write a post or two.

As we have entered 2011, I feel that it is time to have make a status of the gaming situation for me, so here we go.

  • New Dragonlance gaming material to look forward to: 0
  • New Dragonlance novels to look forward to: 0
  • Active Role Playing gaming groups: 0
  • Active board game groups: 1
  • Number of home brew pages: 0

All of a sudden it makes a lot of sense why I have nothing to blog about here. Alas.